The Gulliver
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What the hell’s wrong with the American education system?

The Gulliver Initiative is a crash course in the history

of school reform that shows how many current reforms are little more than high-tech and politically expedient versions of past failures going back to 1958. You will also find inspiration for more meaningful change in the stories of teachers and systems that did not sell out to fads and political pressures.

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The Gullog

Why aren’t America’s leaders doing more to ensure that all of our children get the education they need and deserve?

The Gullog is a weekly commentary that calls out the craziness in current school reforms and invites all concerned citizens to join in an online conversation about how We the People can join together to demand better schools for our children.

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The Romance of the Netartians

Is there one systemic cause for the dysfunction in our schools?

I found an unexpected answer to this question when I found myself trapped in a dysfunctional relationship between an adorable but controlling seagull and my two cats. When I decided to use my award-winning teaching skills to to teach these primal enemies to get along, I was successful…but only after I realized that the bird, with the able assistance of my cats, was the teacher I’d been waiting for all my life.

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In Search of The Perfect Circle

What has our 30-year obsession with standardized testing cost us?

Join me on my adventures in Italy as I journey into the land of my ancestors. In addition to seeking out my family origins in the rural regions of Calabria, I will explore the birthplace of humanism and sift through the ruins for lessons of the arts, history, and empire…lessons that may be getting lost as our schools focus on raising test scores.

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